Corporate Profile

Trust Yemen Insurance & Reinsurance Co., a Yemeni shareholding company and a member of Trust International Group of Insurance Companies, established in 1995 with an authorized and paid up capital of YR. 400 Million.

It has established a strong foothold in Yemen emerging and high potential market, capturing nowadays substantial market share. Its reputation is based on its:

  1. International Network of affiliated and subsidiaries of Trust Group. 
  2. Ability to provide a cost-effective covers in respect of all classes of insurance.
  3. Prompt and efficient handling of claims.
  4. Qualified Management & Personnel.
  5. Personalized high level of service to its clients.
  6. International Reinsurance backing.

The introduction of Trust Yemen was not merely to provide another conventional competitor in the market, but to assist with the development of the local industry through the provision of unique insurance service and technical support to untapped and unexploited areas of demand.

Since its inception, Trust Yemen has focused on the rich and developing market of energy. Trust Yemen is handling many major oil exploration and production companies’ packages in Yemen.  

Though its connectivity with its Group’s network of Companies. Trust Yemen has been able to offer undifferentiated insurance coverage and risk management services to many of the leading Oil & Gas Corporations in Yemen.  Besides, Trust Yemen attracted other major clients conducting different kinds of business e.g. Hotels, Banks, Contracting & Trading companies and Oil related services Companies, etc.

The primary strength of Trust Yemen lies in its affiliation with Trust Re, rated A- (A.M. Best), a company incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Trust Group of Companies in Algeria, Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar, Oman, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Malaysia, Cyprus, UK and USA.

Trust Yemen Insurance & Reinsurance Co. is committed to the local insurance industry through the provision of the highest degree of the technical coverage and financial security to all its clients.